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In one setting or another, the auction is as old as time itself. For those who attend, and especially those who participate, it's a time of high drama and the kind of excitement that quickens the pulse, a time when buyers and sellers come together, each in search of a result that will benefit them.

All have high hopes. The seller believes he will obtain a higher price because the auction will lure more than one potential buyer, all competing for the same prize. The buyer is familiar with the value of the items he wants to buy and is convinced he will benefit because of the freedom and openness of the auction system.

Can they both be right? Yes.

The quality that differentiates the auction environment from all other business dealings is the rare chemistry that results in an immediate decision that brings satisfaction and closure to both parties. The joy may not be total, but then how often is the satisfaction ever complete and universal? The benefit to both is clear: the transaction is complete and the parties are ready to move on to the next chapter.

At the center of this compelling arena stands the auctioneer, the one person who is able to capture the essence of each different business situation, presiding over a temporary marketplace. That must be done with knowledge and fairness, inspiring confidence in all those who play a part in the drama. In the fast-moving environment of the auction, there are certain auctioneers and certain companies that inspire that kind of confidence.

From the beginning, it was clear that the business required a highly developed understanding of values. The auction business soon gave birth to the appraisal function and to be successful at either a person needs both good judgment and a broad knowledge of the intrinsic worth of machinery, equipment and business inventories. Whether at an auction or performing an appraisal, Mountain always seemed to posses that skill.

Businesses evolve as generations pass, but there is one essential characteristic of the Mountain Auctioneers operation that has remained the same. From the early days, Herb established the corporate philosophy that he must convey to sellers and buyers alike that any buying or selling that involved Mountain Auctioneers would be a fair and honest arrangement. He wanted a reputation founded on trust and consistency. That was his goal and that was his achievement and today it remains as his legacy. It is no idle boast. It is a fact. The fast-moving universe of the deal is truly a loosely-knit community of dealers and buyers, sellers and bankers, attorneys and brokers, and word spreads quickly about people, their style and their approach to the business. It's a community where reputations are earned over the long-term by performance and behavior, not created overnight by advertising sloganeers.

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